Company Profile

Medical Training & Standby Coverage Experts

Canadian OnSite Medical is a Medical Training & Standby Coverage Experts Canadian-based company with more than twenty years of experience in providing highly effective educational services and medical standby coverage to organizations around the world. Our training programs give your employees the resources they need to work as safely as possible so your company has less work interruptions, less timelost and reduced worker's compensation premiums.

Our Core Strengths

Partnering The best safety conditions come out of programs tailored to the individual company and industry. Canadian OnSite Medical works with your company to find the educational solutions specific to your situation. This strategic partnership allows your company to reduce injury and production loss on sites any where a round the world.

Experience Our instructors bring decades of in-depth experience in the areas of Emergency Medical Services, oil and gas, fire protection, safety and agriculture, as well as certification in a number of nationally recognized safety programs. Their up-to-date knowledge means we can develop and implement successful and effective health and safety programs for your company.

Program Administration Get us to manage your existing health and safety programs for you - the financial benefits to your organization can be substantial. Financial burdens linked to job interruptions, training replacement workers, lost time injuries, property damage and WCB premiums can be reduced because we bring our expertise to every program and every job site.

Optimum Compliance and Safety Audits We will make sure your company and sub-contractors are always in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Acts and Regulations governing your company's industry. Plus, our health and safety experts can perform regular safety audits to measure and upgrade your existing management systems.

Medical Standby Coverage We also offer the highest level of pre-hospital care, employing all levels of paramedics for medical standby coverage complete with equipment and vehicles, if necessary. You can count on having the highest-trained experts there when you need them.